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  • Michelle Crayton Text
    Michelle Crayton from Austintown wrote this in a text message:

    (1/3) Hi John!  I sincerely want to thank you,  John Ash Sr. and everyone at St Clair in regard to my recent trade and purchase of the 08 Ford Focus!!  Honestly, (2/3) , NO other car dealership compares to St Clair. ("Dare to Compare" is the literal truth!).  You are an exceptional Sales Profressional! You went above and (3/3)  beyond to meet my very critical need for a solid and affordable car despite my finacial challenges.  THANK YOU!!!

  • warrel
    WE GOT A CAR!!! YAY!!! We got a 2009 Ford Taurus Fully Loaded...BEAUTIFUL! And I can drive it with Mike! I also take my driving test next Saturday at 11:15 a.m. I'm sooo excited!!! =) Thank you, John Ash! And St. Clair Auto for the AWESOME DEAL!!!


  • danver
    I would like to give a special thanks to st Clair auto they always take care of me thanks again guys — with John Ash and St Clair Vehicles.

  • Bob Merritt
    • Yea, we just purchased a Impala from St. Clair and it is the bomb, Love it, and if you have any problems they are there to solve em. Great Place to buy a Car or Truck!! I sent my friend up there and she bought a Fusion and Loves it to.
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    • Bob Merritt I will be back up to get a truck soon, cant wait!!

  • Jason Reynolds FB
    Chris thnx again f the red Impala u sold us 2day its worth every penny n im tellin everyone i know about u guys TY....

  • kent cox
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  • Sonia Conrad-Reed
    my best car ever came from there ...had it almost paid off and a disaster hit so I lost it! I never had a drop of trouble with it... I sure miss it now... "the black Chevy Impala" almost 4 years ago...

  • Brian Fisher
    hello, im contacting about this car. My aunt and cuzins both just recently bought cars from you or buying cars from and they both told you guys we're awesome, you guys are working with them, ive had my heart set on a G6 for a while now, i recently went to "Local Dealer (we can't mention the name)" and they approved me but wanted me to pay 490 a month for a G6 they had, i told them my max a month would be 400. so yeah thats 90 over sound like little amount but these days it isnt. 400 hundred would be my max. if i couldnt get a g6 threw you guys thats fine i seen on here you got other cheap cars like that black grand am, id be alright with just that.either way in the next couple weeks i got to get a nother car. you ever where i turn, everyone says your the best!

    Brian Fisher

  • Parade of homes
    Check out what we did for this gentleman! Went from The Jeep to the Hummer H2 in 36 months and bought a truck off us too. Because we helped him fix his credit and gave him a great deal! Ask him how happy he is with us!!! Owner of Your Parade of Homes Magazine! One of the Tri-States leading realestate magazines.

  • Local Musician Marla Sgro ran into a young girl we
    Marla Sgro that is nothing but hilarious! hey johnny i was in the dollar store tonite and a little girl came up to the counter all excited that she got her new car.. she was telling the girl who worked there that she got it a ST CLAIR auto. i said "oh those are my friends. and she said IT WAS JOHN ASH that got it for me". just thought you wanted to know how you made someones day. GO ST CLAIR AUTO.... FACEBOOK

  • Lauren's posting on the honesty and integrety of S

  • We tried for 4 days before getting her financed. W

    Rebecca Custer  just loved what we did for her. This is what she posted on Facebook! I tried for 4 days to find a bank that would take her and I got her in a really nice Ford Expidition loaded that she absolutely loves!

    Erica Lowther
    Nice is it yours?December 2 at 7:30pm ·
    Becca Custer ‎(Re: )Yes it is :)December 2 at 7:30pm ·
    Erica Lowther Nice congrats December 2 at 7:31pm ·
    Becca Custer ‎(Re: )Ty ty but its thanks to st clair auto they went above the call of duty for me ... They are just great over thereDecember 2 at 7:33pm ·
    Erica Lowther Yw I'll keep that in mind December 2 at 7:42pm ·
    Becca Custer ‎(Re: )Please do and tell anyone looking for one they are great people over there and will do whatever they can to help someone out December 2 at 7:44pm ·
    Erica Lowther I will thanks for letting me know not many do anymore December 2 at 7:44pm · LikeUnlike.
    Becca Custer ‎(Re: )The whole team over there just great December 2 at 7:46pm ·
    Erica Lowther That's great December 2 at 7:49pm · FACEBOOK

  • What customers are saying about us on Facebook


    Randy Kimble

    Just bought a 03 Explorer yesterday. Thanks guys for ur fast and friendly service. Stop bye and check out what they got. Alot of nice vehicles at good prices. Thanks again. FACEBOOK



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